Promotional Bags from recycled LDPE manufactured by Extrapack OOD - Bulgaria
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Code:EP-RELD MOQ: 10 000 pcs
This product contents from 40% to 80% recycled material.These bags are produced in three-layer technology, and the recycled content is in the middle. This allows reasonably good print quality and in same time, bags are strong as bags made by virgin material.
The advantages of new material are:
  • More ecological
  • Reduce consummation of non-renewable resources;
  • Bags from ReLDPE are little bit cheaper, than bags from LDPE;
The disadvantages of ReLDPE are:
  • Color of bags is a little gray (but note, GRAY is new GREEN ;)
  • We have limited capacity (up to 40 - 50 tons per month) for ReLDPE bags;
Manufacturer: Extrapack OOD
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