Promotional Fun Parasols manufactured by Alfacommerce JSC - Bulgaria
Fun Parasols
350x350 cm
Pict Pict Pict Pict
Code:AC-0044 MOQ: 3 pcs
These parasols are based on our own frameworks, made of high quality modified aluminium, white or any other color, with improved strength characteristics and polyspast opening system (with rope) with original, innovative shape of the dome.
The construction of the frame is based on plastic program, designed and developed by our team, with engineer plastic raw material from first class EU producers. The textile body is made of woven fabric – polyester silk (PES) or acrylic (PAN), with full-color printing and possibility for different types of finishing processing (UV, Teflon coating, Scotchgard (standard), textile coating and others).
Manufacturer: Alfacommerce JSC
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