Dives Pro EOOD - Bulgarian manufacturer of promotional Vacuum forming, Clocks, Accessories, Stationery
Established in 2008, Dives Pro is now fast growing and innovative company. Main business is manufacturing of vacuum formed plastic products. Our vacuum-forming machine allows processing of many different types of plastic sheets with a thickness of up to 6 millimeters, the amount of detail to 1000/2200mm * and forming depth of 250 millimeters **.
* 1000/2200mm at a depth of 100 mm and 800/2000mm at a depth from 100 to 250 millimeters
** the depth of forming depends on the thickness of the material

The advantages of this type of plastics processing are:

1. Significantly lower cost of molds, according to the final product
2. Parts produced by vacuum forming have finished and much better look than those produced by injection molding.
3. The low price of molds allows production of small runs and even single pieces
Contact details
Address: 44 entr. A,
Vardar St
7020 Ruse
Tel.: +359 878 784 782
Web: http://divespro.com
Products by Dives Pro EOOD
Interior mini-garden tray with vacuum formed firm logo. Dimensions from 45/45/5cm to 80/80/5cm.(on request with big quantity could be produced with dimensions up to 100/240/10cm.) Soil, plants and grass seeds not include...
Code: DIV-DIV-INTG MOQ: 20 pcs
Corporate desk accessories with individual design and 3D logo of your firm.
Code: DIV-DESK MOQ: 50 pcs
Vacuum formed wall clock with your corporative logo shape.
Code: DIV-CLOCK MOQ: 100 pcs
Vacuum forming of individual products. Only send us technical data and drawings and we will offer you the most suitable plastic (if you don't specify any).
Code: DIV-FORMING MOQ: 1 pcs
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