FASE EOOD - Bulgarian manufacturer of promotional Bags and totes, Packaging, Art souvenirs, Toys and games, Embroidery, Live gift, Accessories
Contact details
Address: 8 Duhovno Vazrajdane St
7000 Ruse
Tel.: +359878810185
Fax: +35982834834
Web: http://www.textpack.hit.bg
Products by FASE EOOD
Cotton bag size 45x35 cm, with handles. Possible printing of logo.
Code: TP-1006 MOQ: 100 pcs
decor pillow
Unique decor pillow for babies. On this pillow we embroidery burthday data - day, weight, lenght, zodiac, time os birth. This pillow is for a memory or for a present.
Code: TP-TP1005 MOQ: 1 pcs
Hand made embroidery - bags, icons, etc.
Code: TP-1004 MOQ: 2 pcs
Hand made textile toys - animals, fruits, etc.
Code: TP-1003 MOQ: 2 pcs
Textile pack for a present or personalize
Code: TP-1002 MOQ: 10 pcs
Textile bag from ORGANZA, size 100x130mm.
Code: TP-1001 MOQ: 20 pcs
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