RA-RITON - Bulgarian manufacturer of promotional Accessories, Art souvenirs, Badges, Stationery, Banners, Magnets, Live gift
"RA Riton" is a leader producer of domed labels in Bulgaria. With its powerful casting machine, the production capacity of the domed labels reaches 20 000-25 000 pcs per day.

We specialize in producing dome (volumetric) and magnetic stickers and labels, printed materials, advertising materials, warning and safety signs, as well as gifts and promotional materials branded with dome labels. Our production is widely used in advertising and marketing campaigns, promotional activities, corporate gifts. All of our products are designed according to our clients’ special needs and requirements.

Our design department develops and maintain various corporate catalogs, bulletins; creates product images and perform advertising projects.
In our printing house you can print all types of products: catalogs, magazines, books, leaflets, calendars, posters, cards, packages etc.

The company covers full circle of poly-graphic processes.

Our services comprise many more marketing activities, facilitating clients to successfully promote their products or company.
Contact details
Address: ''Ivan Aksakov''21-23 ap.3
9002 Varna
Tel.: +359 52 699848
Fax: +359 52 606738
Web: http://www.ra-riton.com
Products by RA-RITON
The company specializes in the manufacture of flexible volume stickers - 3D technology, volumetric magnetic stickers with custom shapes, sizes and colors on request. Made with 12-channel automated machine, imported fro...
Code: RTN-109 MOQ: 300 pcs
magnetic stickers
Code: RTN-108 MOQ: 300 pcs
Riton Advertising Agency produces promotional materials - such products provide potential clients with information about the organization and it offers products and services: flyers, brochures, leaflets, booklets, brochu...
Code: RTN-107 MOQ: 200 pcs
Souvenirs and advertising items from textiles to individual project
Code: RTN-106 MOQ: 20 pcs
Fridge magnets
magnetic stickers
Use magnetic flexible polymer film structure and thickness of 0.5 to 2 mm. Made signs, numbers, letters, logos, calendars, business cards designed for attachment to the surface metal (most often refrigerators) and other ...
Code: RTN-105 MOQ: 300 pcs
Branded souvenirs surround stickers Riton Advertising Agency
Code: RTN-104 MOQ: 200 pcs
Badges - plastic and metal in various shapes and sizes. Riton Advertising Agency offers branded badges with magnetic volume label.
Code: RTN-103 MOQ: 300 pcs
Metal, Plexiglas, cut EVA material for individual loop ,with volume sticker ,featuring a truly unique vision - from Riton Advertising Agency.
Code: RTN-102 MOQ: 300 pcs
Volumetric stickers
Code: RTN-101 MOQ: 500 pcs
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