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Bar towel
Digital printed bar towel
Printed towels, suitable for drinks promo segment, used very successful in the bars to dry your hands and promote the product, brand on it.
Code: AG-121621 MOQ: 100 pcs
Kitchen towels
Terry towel with digital printed border
Terry towels with digital printed border.
Code: AG-22022 MOQ: 100 pcs
Beach Poncho
Kids towel for beach with printing
Functional kids beach towel. You can print on it the logo of your company or the face of your child even.
Code: AG-543310 MOQ: 100 pcs
Bag /towel
Printed bag and towel inside
Very smart idea for promotion item - gym polyester bag with possibility to be digitally printed and beach towel. On the backside of it, there is a pocket, which comes like bag.
Code: AG-AG - 115 MOQ: 100 pcs
Universal towels
Digital printed towels
Towel with very high quality printed image. It is perfect for gift with logo of the company.
Code: AG-AG-114 MOQ: 100 pcs
Pets towel
Pets towel
Very functioanl towel, which you can use to dry your pet - dog, cat and others. On the printed pictures we can put the logo of the company or what the customer want. The printing is digital and you can treat it with 90 C...
Code: AG-AG-111 MOQ: 500 pcs
Kitchen towels
Waffel kitchen towels with printed border
Waffel kitchen towels with possibility to print the logo on the border of the towel. Composition: 100% Cotton. Available sizes: 30x50, 50x70 cm.
Code: AG-406 MOQ: 3 000 pcs
Beach towels
Multicolor jacquard terry towels
Multicolor beach jacquard towels with double yarn in the loop.
Code: AG-AG-402 MOQ: 1 000 pcs
Terry towel - Doubleface with composition 70% Cotton, 30% Microfiber. The towel is very high quality, with special finishing to save from microorganism, that exist in wet area. The towel is 400 g/m2 and the possible size...
Code: AG-21 MOQ: 100 pcs
Bathrobe from Doubleface - 70% Cotton, 30% Microfiber with printed logo on the chest. We could produce all the sizes, which the client wants.
Code: AG-120 MOQ: 100 pcs
Unicolor terry bathrobes
Unidyed, with a possibility to stitched the logo as an embroidery.
Code: AG-114 MOQ: 250 pcs
Baby Bibs
Digital printed baby bibs
The bib could be embroidered with logo or we could brand your logo by print. Unisize and Unicolor.
Code: AG-109 MOQ: 100 pcs
The diaper could be embroidered with logo or branded with printed logo. Unicolor.
Code: AG-110 MOQ: 100 pcs
Unicolor or multicolor with a possibility to stitched the logo as embroidery without limitation of the color.Unisize.
Code: AG-111 MOQ: 50 pcs
Sport Towels
Digital printed gym towels
Towels with digital printed border, unicolor or multicolor terry towel, digitally printed whole size.
Code: AG-113 MOQ: 100 pcs
Jacquard towel – unicolor or multicolor towel with possibility to weave logo.
Code: AG-108 MOQ: 3 000 pcs
Beach towels
Unidyed jacquard towel with high/low loops
Relief unicolor jacquard towels – unicolor terry towel with double yarn in the loop.
Code: AG-AG118 MOQ: 1 000 pcs
Beach towels
Digital printed beach towel
Composition is 100% Microfiber front/ 100% Cotton back.
Code: AG-121627 MOQ: 100 pcs
Beach Towels
Velour multicolorjacquard towels
Multicolorjacquard towels with velour finishing.
Code: AG-AG 104 MOQ: 1 000 pcs
Hand Towels
Unicolor towel with jacquard woven border
Unicolor or multicolor terry towel with single or double yarn in the loop with a border with possibility to weave logo in four different colors.
Code: AG-103 MOQ: 1 000 pcs
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