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d 40
PVC badges with doming sticker d40
Code: ORH-BDGP40 MOQ: 100 pcs
Medallions- they are made of inox and might have arbitrary shape and design
Code: LC-005 MOQ: 50 pcs
d 30
PVC badges with doming sticker d30
Code: ORH-BDGP30 MOQ: 100 pcs
The products are made from brass and inox according individual project and with client logo. For concerned clients, it's always have been made an art project liable to approval.
Code: LC-004 MOQ: 100 pcs
Paris - Promotional Souvenirs
Retro Views of Paris
Magnets and souvenirs representing landmarks and tourist sites of All the countries in the World! Creative and up-to-the-minute Promotional products of Long-Term Use.
Code: AS-PARIS MOQ: 99 pcs
Badges - plastic and metal in various shapes and sizes. Riton Advertising Agency offers branded badges with magnetic volume label.
Code: RTN-103 MOQ: 300 pcs
Volumetric stickers
Code: RTN-101 MOQ: 500 pcs
Badges have a metal base. Images are protected by a glossy film that protects them and ensures durability. On the back are catching mechanism, type safety pin. We make badges and design at the request of customers.
Code: AS-15-4 MOQ: 50 pcs
Magnetic Opener - D 56 mm
Magnets, custom Print
Magnet & Opener = Magnetic Opener with metal base Printable surface (55 mm.) with round shape. You can open a bottle easy and leave it on the fridge.Having magnets on their backs, allowing for stable attachment to the m...
Code: AS-07-7 MOQ: 50 pcs
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