Promotional Huge candles manufactured by CDM OOD - Bulgaria
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Code:PN-CL-03 MOQ: 1 pcs
The candle is associated with warm feelings, light, pleasant scent and romance. Branded with your logo, it will surely attract attention and comments.

We can produce very huge candles with different colors and with your logo embedded.

Branding of candles is a very difficult process because the paint can be removed easily with only a slight touch. Therefore, our company has developed special technology that allows us to produce the client’s logo from wax or other materials and to incorporate it into a candle, making in this way very impressive and beautiful candles.

Size set by the customer.

Color is made as close as possible to the client’s desired color.

We are offering a large selection of scents: pine, ocean, lily of the valley, magnolia, coffee, cappuccino, violet, lilac, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, orange, lemon, melon, cinnamon, vanilla, strawberry, wild cherry, Christmas, love, white lotus, citronella, honey ...

All candles come wrapped in cellophane and satin ribbon or in a box.
Manufacturer: CDM OOD
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