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Alfa Side Pole Parasols
Ø 300-Ø 350 and 300x300-350х350 cm
High quality parasol with side pole, hanging fixed dome and autonomous lifting mechanism. It is made of modified aluminium, white or any other color, with improved strength characteristics. The construction of the frame ...
Code: AC-0039 MOQ: 5 pcs
Grand Lodge Officer Apron
Quality Grand Lodge Officer Apron with pocket.
Code: MF-0005 MOQ: 12 pcs
Wall clock with any shape that you may want - birds, butterfly, flowers, even the logo of your company.
Code: PN-CK-01 MOQ: 1 pcs
men wallet
Code: DX-ALFA MOQ: 10 pcs
Jewelry box "Isis", art woodcarving, handmade, 7/5/7 cm
Code: YU-023 MOQ: 1 pcs
Men’s home slippers. Material: textile. I
Code: PS-M 5 MOQ: 250 pcs
Nonwoven bag
Reusable bag, green bag
Non-woven bags become very popular because they are reusable shopping bags, kind of carrier bags, which are available for sale in supermarkets and apparel shops. They require less waste of natural resources such as oi...
Code: IK-IK-007 MOQ: 500 pcs
Luxury heart shaped cosmetic box for make-up, cosmetics, toiletries and jewellery. Appropriate for home use and travels. Very compact and in the same time with great capacity. It is supplyed with a tiny mirror and is clo...
Code: PP-12 MOQ: 100 pcs
Promotional Notebook
Type Brand Window
The Brand Window A4 Notebook is a beautiful corporate gift notebook.
Code: MRK-001 MOQ: 1 000 pcs
Natural leather keychains
For you and your customers
Be different with different gift!
Code: GM-KC-1 MOQ: 250 pcs
Are you looking for original gift for a client or partner? Are you looking for handmade product and uniqueness? Then do not hesitate to give us the desired model and we will work out in the shortest time according to ...
Code: KT-0002 MOQ: 100 pcs
Metal, Plexiglas, cut EVA material for individual loop ,with volume sticker ,featuring a truly unique vision - from Riton Advertising Agency.
Code: RTN-102 MOQ: 300 pcs
Magnet with two layers, different color
Code: LG-CG1 MOQ: 1 000 pcs
Art glass handmade clock. Unique luxury gift. Reproduction is possible, but each peace will differ from the others. Custom measurements. It comes wrapped into luxury cardboard box.
Code: SG-015 MOQ: 1 pcs
Author’s article, made of mahogany and patina brass, pipe tools are stainless steel. D
Code: ZG-0524 MOQ: 1 pcs
Total design - Hermes
Code: ZN-02 MOQ: 1 pcs
Embroidered leather bags, pads and bookmarkers
Custom Embroidery - Country / Company Name
The souvenirs are made of artificial leather with custom/folk embroidery.Depending customers needs we can change the sign "Bulgaria" with the name of your country or any brand name. Could be laundered at a temperature up...
Code: AS-BR_EMBR MOQ: 100 pcs
You can hang them on the wall or have them freestanding. We can create for you any kind of letters with LED lights to make more efficient your message to the audience. Its powered by a transformer to keep the lights long...
Code: SDM-LLN MOQ: 5 pcs
Alfa Easy Open Telescopic Parasols
Ø 350-Ø 400, 350х350 - 400х400 cm
These parasols are based on our own strengthened telescopic frameworks made of high quality modified aluminium, white or any other color, with improved strength characteristics and telescopic opening system (with handle)...
Code: AC-0038 MOQ: 10 pcs
Author’s article, 1
Code: ZG-0701 MOQ: 1 pcs
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