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For YOUR COUNTRY - Promotional Souvenirs with custom images
Catalogue for Amsterdam, souvenirs could be made for your Countr
Magnets and souvenirs representing landmarks and tourist sites of All the countries in the World! Creative and up-to-the-minute Promotional products of Long-Term Use. Send us images from your country now - info@artex-stu...
Code: AS-AM MOQ: 99 pcs
Ceramic pot filled with natural bee honey. Seal up with wax and the product is preserved forever
Code: DR-002 MOQ: 200 pcs
100% cotton Polo Shirts for Corporate promotions, giveaways and uniforms; with logos or emblems custom printed or embroidered.
Code: STR-2007 MOQ: 50 pcs
Degradable Bags Made with D2W Additive
Oxo-degradable plastic bags
Plastic bags with different handles, sizes thickness, which are degradate in the environment.
Code: EP-D2O MOQ: 5 000 pcs
Magnetic puzzle
They may be produced both in standard and in non-standard shapes
The magnetic sticker is divided into a specific number of parts, which are combined by people for fun.
Code: ORH-MP145210 MOQ: 1 000 pcs
Wood clock
SIZE 195x200mm
Wood clock, two layers, standard mechanism
Code: LG-CK2 MOQ: 50 pcs
This is a replica of an ancient golden vessel discovered by Arch. G. Kitov in Mound Kosmatka. This court dates from the fourth century. BC and belonged to a Thracian king SevtІІІ. Made of copper and gold plated 24 carat...
Code: ZG-0603 MOQ: 1 pcs
Promotional light box made out of thick acrylic material. It can be made in different shapes and colors. Powered by standard cable and adapter 12V
Code: SDM-LB1 MOQ: 5 pcs
Vacuum formed items for various purposes
Code: ATG-03 MOQ: 0 pcs
These promotional ceramic mugs are widely used in various corporate offices, educational institutions and other organizations for advertisement & brand promotion or also for gifting purposes on special occasions.
Code: VK-MUG1 MOQ: 100 pcs
Lodge Officer Collar
Lodge Officer Collar with embroidered tricolour and felt at the back
Code: MF-00010 MOQ: 10 pcs
Chocolates with packaging design by the customer.Box size:18/28/4 sm.
Code: AJ-CH001 MOQ: 200 pcs
practical case made of real leader. perfect for conferences and firm parties
Code: DX-2 MOQ: 20 pcs
This small oak barrel, can be very original medium of advertising message. Suitable for wine and other drinks
Code: BT-1 MOQ: 3 pcs
Vacuum formed wall clock with your corporative logo shape.
Code: DIV-CLOCK MOQ: 100 pcs
Toilet bag
Toilet bag
Small bag for toalet stuff.
Code: BB-123 MOQ: 100 pcs
Keychains we offer are made from brass and inox, according individual project and with client logo. For concerned clients, it's always have been made an art project liable to approval.
Code: LC-003 MOQ: 50 pcs
Gabic EOOD produces flags for companies and corporations with the logo or official sign of the company. The flags are offered completely finished. Printing, edging, attaching braid and clips for suspension on a pole, pac...
Code: GB-FLAG-CO MOQ: 10 pcs
Riton Advertising Agency produces promotional materials - such products provide potential clients with information about the organization and it offers products and services: flyers, brochures, leaflets, booklets, brochu...
Code: RTN-107 MOQ: 200 pcs
Art wood-carved picture – "Rosy valley", handmade. T
Code: YU-028 MOQ: 1 pcs
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