Products tagged with "Promo" from Bulgarian companies
Products tagged with "Promo"
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We create stylish, elegant, custom-made scarves. That is one of the best corporate gifts and one of the best ways to present your brand. Any motif can be printed either all over or discreetly in one or all four corners.
Code: NS-1005 MOQ: 500 pcs
Promotional Notebook
Type Brand Embedded
The Brand Embedded A5 Notebook is a beautiful corporate gift notebook.
Code: MRK-005 MOQ: 1 000 pcs
These parasols are based on our own strengthened telescopic frameworks made of high quality modified aluminium, white or any other color, with improved strength characteristics and alfatelescopic opening system (with but...
Code: AC-0043 MOQ: 5 pcs
Would you like to make a gift to your loyal customers or business partners? Would you like them to have a special handmade present from you? Then do not hesitate and send us your the idea. We will produce it in the short...
Code: KT-KT-0006 MOQ: 10 pcs
Made of high quality plastic
Code: MAK-502 MOQ: 1 000 pcs
It`s a bi bag to colect all the balls for training
Code: BB-046 MOQ: 100 pcs
The Arms we offer are made from the following materials:
Code: LC-002 MOQ: 1 pcs
Gabic EOOD produces flags for educational organizations such as kindergarden, schools, colleges, universities. The flags are offered completely finished. Printing, edging, attaching braid and clips for suspension on a po...
Code: GB-FLAGS-KG MOQ: 10 pcs
The light defensive shield is equipped with a handle with dimensions – length 120mm, diameter at the edges Ф35mm, in the middle Ф 31 mm and distance between the handle and the shield of 55mm. For
Code: GM-GM-KC-5 MOQ: 5 pcs
Stands made of different materials
Code: ATG-02 MOQ: 0 pcs
Cosmetic Gift Bag
Luxury Present
Luxury cosmetic case for make-up, cosmetics, toiletries and jewellery. Appropriate for home use, purse or travels. Very compact and in the same time with great capacity. It is supplyed with a handle and two separate comp...
Code: PP-PP16 MOQ: 100 pcs
Men Shirt Style
Elegant men shirt with or without a pocket.
95% cotton, 5% elastan. Great shirt for everyday use or for special occasions. Suitable to wear with a tie.
Code: SF-SF-0007 MOQ: 10 pcs
Cosmetics packagings
Crystal transparent PVC packaging for cosmetics
Cosmetics packagings made of crystal PVC with printing
Code: IK-011 MOQ: 2 000 pcs
Polo Shirts and T-Shirts with logos or emblems, custom printed or embroidered.
Code: STR-2006 MOQ: 50 pcs
Code: AG-532153 MOQ: 1 500 pcs
Cloth dolls for business presents, advertizing, visualization purposes.
Code: SDL-SDL MOQ: 1 pcs
Magnets and souvenirs representing landmarks and tourist sites of All the countries in the World! Creative and up-to-the-minute Promotional products of Long-Term Use. Send us images from your country now - info@artex-stu...
Code: AS-LO MOQ: 99 pcs
Promotional light box made out of thick acrylic material. It can be made in different shapes and colors. Powered by standard cable and adapter 12V
Code: SDM-LB1 MOQ: 5 pcs
Unique Christmas cards with intricate design that will impress your partners. The cards will be branded with the logo of your company. If you do not want to exchange the same Christmas cards every year, call to us and we...
Code: PN-CD-01 MOQ: 50 pcs
Souvenirs and advertising items from textiles to individual project
Code: RTN-106 MOQ: 20 pcs
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