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Stand for hunting trophy -2 tusks , rich woodcarving,walnut, handmade, 32/42 cm.
Code: YU-024 MOQ: 1 pcs
Promotional Paper Envelope
Paper bags with flap
Paper bags for gifts and promotion. They are made of 170gsm paper and they can have nice offset printing.
Code: EP-PPE MOQ: 1 000 pcs
Plastic bag for advertising
to keep the passports for pets
Code: GM-KC-2 MOQ: 1 000 pcs
Nonwoven Promotional Suit Cover
Elegant packaging for your brand
Nonwoven promotional suit cover can be important addition for your brand. Standard size is 60*110cm, custom sizes are welcome.
Code: EP-NSC MOQ: 500 pcs
Jewelry box "Isis", art woodcarving, handmade, 7/5/7 cm
Code: YU-023 MOQ: 1 pcs
Promotional bag with dimensions 34/36/10cm with zipper pouch hanging from the top of the bag.It can be with custom shape and size.
Code: IK-006 MOQ: 300 pcs
Jewelry box "Ralitza" – art woodcarving, handmade, 8/7 cm
Code: YU-022 MOQ: 1 pcs
Flat bottom paper bags
Suitable for food and gift packaging
These bags are manufactured by 40GSM foodgrade kraft paper with water resistance. The color of paper can be natural (light brown) or white. Upon customer request, flat bottom paper bags can be made of greaseproof paper.
Code: EP-FBP MOQ: 10 000 pcs
Order your unique product
Advertisement Products
Petrov Ltd. produces a great variety of advertisement products such as diplomatic bags, key holders, glasses cases,ad bags and cosmetic bags, promotional products and others. The company works individually with each cust...
Code: PP-10 MOQ: 500 pcs
Metalized Paper Bags
Paper bags with twisted handles, with metalized lamination
Bags with high quality printing, made by kraft paper (possible FSC certificate). Large range of sizes are available.
Code: EP-MCB MOQ: 3 000 pcs
Nonvowen Drawstring Totes
Luxury packaging for your gifts
Drawstring totes made by nonwoven PP. The base cloth can have vary colors. Ropes can be from cotton, polyester or polypropylene.
Code: EP-NDT MOQ: 1 000 pcs
Cases for Clothes, Glasses, Underwear, Shoes, Keyholders with a firm logo. Appropriate for advertising.
Code: PP-PP9 - 1 MOQ: 500 pcs
Fashionable beach bag made of PVC material. It can be used either on the beach or in promotional campaigns. Printing is also possible.
Code: IK-004 MOQ: 300 pcs
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Cigarette box "Tabaco", 40 cuts, art woodcarving, handmade, 20/ 12.5 сm.
Code: YU-020 MOQ: 1 pcs
Wine box "Orpheus", chest style, art woodcarving, handmade, 11.5/10.5/34.5 сm.
Code: YU-019 MOQ: 1 pcs
Machine-made Nonwoven Bags
Strong bags at low price
Ultrasonic welding instead of manual sewing is used for manufacturing of this bags. They can have screen printing.
Code: EP-MNB MOQ: 500 pcs
Branded Bags and Packages
Products with firm logo
Bags, packages and accessory products, designed as advert products. Petrov Ltd. offers different kinds of branding and printing your own logo - hot printing, multicolour printing, embroidery, mulicolour labels, metal lab...
Code: PP-9 MOQ: 500 pcs
PVC Bags
Transpаrent Packages
PVC cosmetic bags. Suitable for packing cosmetic products, pharmaceutical products, hair accessories, toys, bath accessories, underwear and others. Appropriate for advertisement products, because they are made from trans...
Code: PP-8 - 2 MOQ: 500 pcs
Wine box "Perperikon", chest style, art woodcarving, handmade, 13/13.5/35.5 сm.
Code: YU-018 MOQ: 1 pcs
Messenger bags from nonwoven PP
Laminated, with flexo printing
Fashion advertising bags, made by nonwoven PP, laminated and printed. The bags has long strap and velcro fastening.
Code: EP-MBF MOQ: 1 000 pcs
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