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This is needed accessory for many promotional gift. Gift boxes are shipped flat, and they are easy opened by hand.
Code: EP-SFB MOQ: 1 000 pcs
We offer a range of bags ideal for retail display purposes with euro slot hanger or PoS hole and lateral seal if required.
Code: EP-ESB MOQ: 10 000 pcs
Our Duffel plastic bags target are the young, active people. They have one drawstring handle which allow very comfortably carrying on shoulder. Outside printing can be varnished or laminated for high durability.
Code: EP-DFB MOQ: 1 000 pcs
They can be two types - with side or with bottom gusset, and are commonly used in shopping malls. They are durable, beautiful and practical.
Code: EP-SLB MOQ: 5 000 pcs
Made by bi-color CoEx film, with flap, transparent pocket, permanent sealing tape and perforation for easy opening. They are strong, secure and functional.
Code: EP-CRB MOQ: 5 000 pcs
We produce an exclusive quality of Plastic bags with square bottom.They can be made by HDPE or LDPE, frosted, transparent or coloured material, with high definition printing.
Code: EP-SBB MOQ: 1 000 pcs
You can add value to your brand, using our classic hand-made Paper bags. A variety range of sizes, different papers and many possible extras can be used for added value.
Code: EP-LPB MOQ: 1 000 pcs
PP Woven / Nonwoven bags
Laminated woven / nonwoven bags
Made by laminated woven or nonwoven PP, they are highly customized and capable to meet client's specific requirements. The PP woven bags are lightweight and have strong carrying capacities.
Code: EP-PPWV MOQ: 1 000 pcs
Paper bags with twisted paper handles are made on high-speed automated machine. They are ecological and very strong.
Code: EP-1016 MOQ: 3 000 pcs
Printed Patch Handle bags can be manufactured with glue or thermal sealed reinforcement around the handle. It is very popular in apparel and gift shops.
Code: EP-1012 MOQ: 5 000 pcs
Die cut bags are excellent retail packaging for light goods as pharmacy, gift, toys, est.. Promotional effect on the brand is very strong compared to the price.
Code: EP-1011 MOQ: 10 000 pcs
This is very common used bag-type. It is suitable for carrying of any products - light or heavy or voluminous, and at same time is not expensive. They can be made by polyethylene, degradable material (Degralen) or compos...
Code: EP-1010 MOQ: 10 000 pcs
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